Turf Masters Pest Prevention’s Termite Control Services With The Sentricon® System

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Turf Masters Pest Prevention is proud to announce we are authorized to sell, install, and maintain the Sentricon® System to protect our customers’ homes from damaging termites. Sentricon products are the best possible protection that we can offer to our customers.

If you have a home in the south, you have termites, had termites, or will have termites. With the Sentricon® System we can change that!

What to expect on our initial visit?

  • Installation of the Sentricon® System. Sentricon offers baiting systems with superior results. When the worker termites discover this bait, they carry it to feed the rest of the colony—including the queen. When the queen eats the bait, the colony is eliminated.
  • In some cases, we may recommend a Perimeter Soil Treatment. This creates a barrier in the soil around your home to combat subterranean termites. This liquid treatment may be offered in conjunction with ATBS when an existing termite infestation is found.

No two houses or termite situations are exactly alike. A Turf Masters termite management specialist will offer a customized solution only after a thorough termite inspection to ensure the greatest success for eradication. With Turf Masters Pest Prevention, our goal is simple: To protect your family and home from the damage of termites.

REMEMBER: Termites feed all year round, not just during swarming season!

Learn more about termites and why the Sentricon® System is the best value and best product for safeguarding your biggest investment: your home. Click on the links below to learn more.

For all you need to know about the Sentricon® System go to: www.Sentricon.com

For Sentricon quick facts, check out their PDF

Termite inspection for real estate

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