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When it comes to pests and bugs in your home, you are in one of two camps: you want pests to stay out of your home or you want to show existing pests the door (no one ever chooses the third option, living with pests, if they can help it). In addition to the creepiness factor of having… things… running around your home or office at night, pest infestation can cause health problems, structural issues and worse. So whether you already have pests or simply don’t want them calling your house home, Turf Masters Pest Prevention are the people to call.

What to look for in pest control or pest prevention

Turf Masters Pest Prevention sets the bar high for what people can expect from a pest control and pest prevention company, but if you’ve never had a pest problem, pest controlyou may be totally in the dark as to what those best practices might be. That’s understandable; most people don’t think much about pest control and pest prevention until they are worried about possible infestation or dealing with one already in progress. You’ll want to consider the following factors when choosing a pest control or pest prevention company.

  • Does the service work inside as well as outside my home?
  • What products does the company use?
  • What kind of maintenance program is put in place to keep pests away?
  • Am I really getting my money’s worth?

Turf Masters Pest Prevention employs an Integrated Pest Management system (IPM) that allows us to keep your home pest-free, inside and out. After our initial visit and treatment, Turf Masters Pest Prevention then schedule quarterly treatments to make pest controlsure the pests stay gone. And we do all this at an extremely reasonable rate (pro tip: check our website for even more).

Call Turf Masters Pest Prevention today!

At Turf Masters Pest Prevention, we work with you every step of the way and can tackle any pest control or pest prevention issues that might come up. Whether its ants, roaches, termites or some other pest in your home or business, call Turf Masters Pest Prevention at 770-924-7188 or reach us by e-mail at You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for more information and updates. We look forward to helping you out with your plans for pest prevention. Call us today!

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