Sentricon System termite protection

There is nothing – nothing – that can sink the value of your home faster than a termite infestation. These little bugs spend their entire lives eating organic material, and no matter what kind of home you have, they can find something in it to eat and thus destroy. Not only do they eat wood, something you probably knew they enjoyed already, they also can eat through paper, plastic and even drywall. Yikes. So it isn’t just your home and its value at stake; your possessions are susceptible to termite damage as well. What can you do to keep termites away? A call to Turf Masters Pest Protection will help keep your home’s integrity and value with Sentricon® System termite protection.

Why choose a Sentricon® System termite protection?

The answer is simple: termites can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage in a relatively short period of time, so Sentricon System termite protectionprevention is going to be a much better idea than waiting until the damage is done. In the southeast, Drywood and Subterranean termites are the most prevalent. These termites can live in your home’s walls, attics, doors, windows, antique furniture and in any outside plant-based debris, like a fallen tree or even loose soil.  They can thrive in wooden fence posts and wooden decks. Termites are remarkably adaptable creatures, so to keep them from entering your home and tanking its value, you’ll need a pest control system that works. That’s where Turf Masters Pest Prevention and the Sentricon® System termite protection can help.

Installation of an Sentricon® System with Always Active bait station is low profile and simple. Small, in-ground bait stations are placed around your home’s exterior, and are barely noticeable as small green disks – the real stuff is buried underground. The bait in these stations is shown to be 10X more tempting to termites than any wood or Sentricon System termite protectionmaterial in your house, so they tend to attack the bait stations and ignore the home. Once a termite gets a taste for the bait, it returns to its nest and shares it with the colony. Inside that bait is a chemical called noviflumuron, which prevents termites from molting. Since they are unable to grow, the entire colony begins to die off, the queen included. And just like that, the Sentricon® System has done its job and your home’s value stays intact. This is truly worry-free termite protection, and something every homeowner should invest in.

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At Turf Masters Pest Prevention, we can tackle any termite-related issues that might come up. It is always better to prevent termites, rather than deal with their mess so call Turf Masters Pest Prevention at 770-924-7718 or reach us by e-mail at You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. We look forward to helping you with your plans for pest prevention. Call us today!






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