frightful pest stories

Halloween’s Most Frightful Pest Stories

It’s October, so you know what that means: Halloween. Cable channels trot out every horror movie in their archive, jack-o-lanterns sit out on every doorstep and the streets of downtown Alpharetta are lined with scarecrows made by local schoolchildren and families. And come Oct. 31, tiny mobs will take to the streets, demanding candy from each and every house with lights on inside. It’s a fun season, and it is the one time of year most, if not all, people enjoy the fun of being a little scared by the things that go bump in the night. And what is scarier than pests or bugs infesting your home or office? If you’re looking for a few frightful pest stories, keep reading. If you want to keep pests out of your home, make sure to give Turf Masters Pest Prevention a call today.