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Turf Masters Pest Prevention helps with keeping your home pest-free

Turf Masters Pest Prevention has been the company so many have turned to help with their pest control and pest prevention issues, but rarely is it discussed what kind of tips they might have for what you can do on your own to keep pests away from your home. We at Turf Masters Pest Prevention are the experts, so for this month’s blog, we wanted to give you a few tips on just what can be done on your end to keep those awful pests at bay.

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Tips for choosing the best indoor pest control program in Roswell

If you have indoor pests and you need help getting rid of them, choosing the best indoor pest control program in Roswell is probably at the top of your mind if you are reading this. No one wants to share their home with any sort of creepy crawly critter, but how does one go about choosing the best indoor pest control program for their specific needs? Does your choice in a pest control or pest prevention company really make that much of a difference? It absolutely does make a difference, and the pest control specialists at Turf Masters Pest Prevention are the only people you should trust with making sure your home gets – and stays – pest-free.


Marching ants: Keeping them out of your home

antsRemember that movie from the fifties about giant ants, Them!? Maybe not, but the film featured giant irradiated ants set on taking over the world. It’s actually a bit funny that when we see normal-sized ants in our homes or business, our reactions are pretty close, if not identical to, the actors and actresses from that film. No one wants ants in their home, that’s a given; but what do you do when these pests invade your space? Your first call should be to Turf Masters Pest Prevention.

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The time is right for indoor pest prevention

As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, spring is upon us and summer is just around the bend. For a lot of people, that means graduations, summer weddings, vacations, cookouts and outdoor entertaining. But for the pests trying to invade your home, spring and summer are basically open season. Roaches, spiders and ants will never pay you rent, but without the proper preparation they will be your new roommates. No one wants that, so why not give Turf Masters Pest Prevention a call and let them be in charge of indoor pest prevention?