Cockroaches: Nature’s most disgusting creature

There are few things more vile, more viscerally disgusting, than cockroaches. These nasty little insects are synonymous with filth, and they are said to be resilient enough to survive a nuclear blast. And while there are more than 70 species of cockroach found on Earth, Georgia is home to the American Cockroach, the German Cockroach and the Smokybrown Cockroach species. But let’s face facts; the absolute last thing on your mind when you see a cockroach in your home or business is what species it is or any other scientific fact. Nope, all you are thinking about is how to get rid of it and whether or not there are more hiding just out of sight. But wouldn’t it be better to not have to deal with these disease-spreading little monsters in the first place? A call to Turf Masters Pest Prevention is all you need to keep cockroaches exactly where they belong – anywhere but your home or business.